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The Coach Youth Soccer Book
The Youth Soccer Drills & Practice Plans Book
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The Youth Soccer Drills & Sample Practice Plans Book

With the Youth Soccer Drills & Sample Practices Book you'll:Great Soccer Drills & PreDesigned Soccer Practice Plans at your finger tips

  • Have Over 40 Proven Effective Soccer Drills at your fingertips
  • Have 5 Soccer Practice Plans Ready for Immediate Use
  • Have Easy to follow Pictures and Diagrams

Many Soccer Drills are just not practical for Young Soccer Players. To be effective you need to use drills that fit your audience. The drills contained in this book have been Specifically Included because they are Suitable for the Young Soccer Player.

The Youth Soccer Drills & Practice Plans Book has Over 40 Effective & FUN Drills

      • Warm-up & Stretching
      • Coordination Drills
      • Dribbling & Ball Handling Drills
      • Passing & Receiving Drills
      • Shooting Drills
      • FUN Soccer Games

To make your life even more easier, this book contains a number of Practice Plans. These Practice Plans are Ready for Immediate Use!

The Practice Plans Contain All the Components Needed for a Successful Practice!

Youth Soccer Drills & Practice Plans Book along with the Coach Youth Soccer Book are Essential for a Successful Soccer Season!


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