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Youth Soccer Coaching Tips

  • Remember, at this age, All the Players and Coaches Should Have FUN! Your number one goal as coach should be to have your players want to come back and play next season!
  • Be Ready & Organized - Have your practices mapped out so you will be able to go right into the next drill without making it up on the fly.
  • Have a Plan, but be flexible enough to change the Plan if it's not working. Some things work somedays, some will not. Have a few extra drills ready. They may be needed.
  • Seek out Volunteers (Parents). The More the Better!
  • If the Players do not understand, YOU are explaining it wrong! Try explaining it another way.
  • Keep the Players and the Action Constantly Moving. When Young Players are standing around, they will get disinterested and lose their focus.
  • Do not Overwhelm your Players with complicated Drills. Break Down concepts/drills into SMALL Manageable Portions. Young minds can only process so much information.
  • Remember to Keep Your Sense of Humor.
  • Remember to Keep Your Sanity - It's Only a Game!

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